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Spa Design - Spa Consultants - Spa Planning

We will help you design and plan you new spa business, upgrade an existing spa space, or evaluate your spa operations and services to maximize revenue.

Spa Design

Spartica is a preeminent international consulting and management group specializing in spa design. We can also handle the entire life cycle of leisure industry facilities. As more people discover the myriad of professional services that can renew the mind, body and spirit, the leisure industry is growing in popularity, affording creative business owners the opportunity to open a variety of spas. Spartica is a full-service consulting firm, and we have worked with a wide variety of clients to bring their vision from concept to completion. Spartica: Leaders in Spa and Leisure Facility Design - Our clients include day spas and salons, as well as spas with fitness centers and wellness centers that feature rehabilitation therapy and medicine. We have created a unique niche for some of our top clients by incorporating fitness into more traditional day spas and true spas. We believe that as more high-end hotels offer complete wellness centers, spas, and fitness centers, independent leisure facilities will have to develop in this direction, and our consulting teams can help them do that. Spartica consultants are committed to incorporating and fully realizing our clients' themes. Our interior design and planning specialists will bring to life the look, feel, and style that you want. We have all the contacts and resources that you need to find the equipment and fixtures that you require. We can also work with you to make sure that you are able to offer all the amenities that will elevate your services in the eyes of potential clients. When it comes to construction, we will make certain that you have all the materials necessary and that your vendors and contractors are able to bring your spa designs to life. Our floor plans and three-dimensional models are made with state-of the-art tools and are an integral part of many clients' presentations to investors. Spartica is also an industry leader in working with destination clubs, we're constantly expanding worldwide with this growing industry. We recognize the need for innovative spa design and our teams will help you enhance your vision in order to be more competitive. Please do not hesitate to contact Spartica to talk about what our consultants can do for you. All clients receive personal attention from Senior Management as we come to understand your needs and create a team to address them. Please contact Spartica for a complimentary initial consultation.

Spa Consultants

If you are looking for world-class spa consultants, Spartica can fulfill all of your needs from concept to completion. We have advised spas, fitness centers, wellness centers, and other leisure industry businesses around the world. Our consulting teams have members who specialize in design and development, planning and programming, business operations, and real estate advisory. Assemble a Team of Expert Spa Consultants - We can assemble a team for you comprised of members who have any or all of these areas of expertise. The founders of Spartica are experienced leaders from the leisure industry with advanced degrees in business and health & leisure, as well as professional experience in marketing, advertising, customer service, and project development. We have the resources at hand to bring in additional consulting members from all over the world, some of whom have advised leisure facilities recognized by the most esteemed leisure associations in the world. Our design teams work directly with vendors and contractors to work on layout and floor plans, materials and fixtures, and all aspects of construction. We can make sure you have realistic three-dimensional models of your facility at every stage, and we offer a warranty whereby all plans are subject to your approval at all stages before your project continues. We also have experts in business plans and projections, financial analysis and strategy, and legal and liability analysis. It is our commitment to be a full service, full life cycle spa consulting firm.

Spa Planning

Spartica consultants can help you and your team design spa plans that will make your business a standout in the highly competitive leisure industry. Every element of your facility from the exterior to the entrance, from the fixtures to the logo contributes to your image and brand identity. Spartica will bring in the team that you need to make sure that every aspect of design will come together and that the communication among your management, subcontractors, and employees is consistent and effective in achieving your vision. Taking Spa Plans from Concept to Completion - Spartica will work with you from concept to completion, or we can assign you a consultant or consultants with expertise in a specific stage of design. For example, some of our clients have asked us to work specifically on equipment specification, while others have asked for a focus on layout and floor plans. We also have consultants who specialize in image design and can help you realize your own vision as well as refine it with industry standards in mind. We also consider the human element an essential part of effective spa design. For example, creative entrance and exit strategies require collaboration among your architect, interior designer, and customer service representatives. You also have to select equipment based on your intended services menu. We can help you make sure that you're offering a competitive array of services and designing your facility so that you'll be able to offer your future customers all the luxury they want. In the realm of physical spa plans, Spartica can give you layout and floor plans that include equipment specification, fixture and accessories placement, customer flow and spacing, and sight lines. We have also contracted to build clients realistic three-dimensional renderings that include overhead and ground floor views, customer viewpoints, and room-by-room walk-throughs. We have also provided clients with vendor recommendations, construction documents, specification manuals, and comprehensive information about materials and equipment, as well as fixtures and amenities. Clients all over the world have come to rely on Spartica as a full service, full business life cycle consultation firm. Please contact us for a complimentary initial consultation.


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