Spartica services are performed with the highest level of expertise, professionalism, and business ethics. With our team of in house professionals and business alliance partners, we are able to take on clients, projects, operations, aquisitions, and financial investments ranging in size from less than $1M to in excess of $100M USD gross sales and/or project investment. We provide first class service and set the highest of expectations. As with any great company, we embrace change, work at the speed of business, and we challenge ourselves to be original, authentic, and to deliver great results.


We listen to our customers needs and requests

We have over 50 years combined business experience in the health and leisure industries

We understand the unique components and services of fitness, spa, and resort businesses or projects

We provide unmatched customer focus and attention to detail

We perform our duties with good faith and in a manner of due care

We comply with all laws, rules, and regulations at all levels of government

We are open and honest in our business relationships

We protect your proprietary information and documents

We are committed to the goal of excellence

We employ and contract with only those professionals with proper experience, credentials, and expertise to meet our customer needs

We believe in the principles and values of hard work, trust, and loyalty

We avoid situations that would create an actual or apparent conflict of interest

We do not engage in improper discussions, agreements, or terms with competitors in terms of prices, products, or services

We encourage sound environmental and safety practices