• Fitness Center Design

    Spartica is an international consulting and management group specializing in design and professional support for all aspects of the leisure industry. By working on a variety of international spa and resort location projects, we've found that fitness centers (as part of more traditional spa facilities) are a niche that is ripe to be explored. To do this, we are trying to incorporate more and more fitness services and amenities in our clients' designs. We believe that this is a unique niche that will help our clients serve a wider range of patrons. Spartica Fitness Center Design Spartica's approach to the design process is entirely comprehensive. We will meet with you to discuss your needs and desires, then set our team of designers and support personnel to achieving those ends. Throughout the process we will remain in contact with you, allowing for a creative collaboration on the design that will let you make any changes you want as the models are realized. We will help you to consider the issues of ideal traffic flow, placement of individual stations for services and amenities, and architecture. Once the actual design of the space is completed, Spartica can help you to decorate. Our interior designers are at the top of their field and will deliver a complete interior package with your aesthetic objectives in mind. When the design process is complete, we will hand over full sets of renderings and construction plans, a complete interior design plan (including color samples and fabric swatches), and even a computer-generated 3-D walkthrough of every room. Many of our past clients have found these invaluable, both to be able to see their ideas realized before the construction begins and to use as a presentation tool for potential investors. Spartica can also help clients who are not building from the ground up. We can work with businesses at any point in their life cycle to add utility, new services, or just to update your image. The same collaborative attitude that we bring to our new-business clients can also benefit existing companies. It is our goal to understand exactly what you want your location to be and then to make your vision a reality. Please contact Spartica for a complimentary initial consultation.
  • Health Club Consultants

    Spartica is a full-service consulting agency that works exclusively on projects within the leisure industry. We have worked with a variety of spas, resorts, and health and fitness centers in areas including facility design and planning, management, operations, and real estate advisory. Our teams of experts can help make your health club project a success in every way. Spartica: Among the Best in Health Club Consultants Whether you are adding a health club to an existing facility, renovating an existing club, or starting a new facility from the ground up, Spartica can supply you with the tools and support you'll need. In the early design phases, we will meet with you to discuss what you want to see in the finished plans. Our design team will remain in contact with you throughout the process, allowing you make any changes you want at any time. We will help you to consider the space with an eye towards traffic flow, placement of amenities and services, and equipment specification. When the design is finished we will supply you with full renderings of the space, including a computerized three-dimensional walkthrough of each room. Then, once the design planning is finished, we can help you to create a strategy to enter the market in your area. We can consult with liability and legal planning to ensure that your investors and your business are protected, and even take a hand in planning the day-to-day operations of the business. Spartica can help you hire the right people to manage the operations of your facility, and can also help you outsource operational control. We can assist you in setting up customer service support that will handle your guests' concerns efficiently, and performance reviews for all of your staff throughout the lifecycle of your business. No matter what your needs, we can provide you with a consulting team and set of services tailored to your business. It is our goal to work with you to discover exactly what you want your facility to be and then to make your needs a reality. Please contact Spartica for a complimentary initial consultation.
  • Health Club Management

    The day-to-day operation and management of a health club environment involves a myriad of complex choices. Spartica is a full service consulting firm specializing in the leisure industry, and we can help you make the right decisions for your business. We specialize in fulfilling the needs of a diverse client base in the spa, resort, and health and fitness industry. Let us give you the support you need to move forward and become an industry leader. Health Club Management by Spartica--What We Can Do For You Spartica's team of experts can assist you in virtually every aspect of business operation. We can help you to find the executives and managers you'll need to run the operation, or to train the people you have in state-of-the-art administrative or service fields. Since a responsive customer service unit and a well-integrated human resources staff are integral parts of a well-run business, we can help you to create them or improve an existing system. We can also provide logistical planning in the form of daily procedural guidelines, regular operation reviews, and even employee performance reviews. We can also assist you in marketing and project planning. As your business grows, you will undoubtedly discover new areas of opportunity, and Spartica can help you to fill them. We have a great deal of experience with the creation of business plans that can move your company to the next phase in its growth. We can help you plan a strategy to enter new markets and help you address the legal and liability issues that face you as you grow. Spartica can even assist your growth with knowledgeable real estate advice. We can help you find the perfect property for your new site and perform feasibility studies and market research to help test the waters. We can make sure you have complete representation in all real estate transactions, and can even help you find the venture capital to take the next step. Plus, once a site is yours, we offer a full complement of design services to make certain the project happens as efficiently as possible and that your vision is fully realized. To see just how we can help you, contact us for a complimentary initial consultation.
  • Spa Design

    Spartica is a preeminent international consulting and management group specializing in spa design. We can also handle the entire life cycle of leisure industry facilities. As more people discover the myriad of professional services that can renew the mind, body and spirit, the leisure industry is growing in popularity, affording creative business owners the opportunity to open a variety of spas. Spartica is a full-service consulting firm, and we have worked with a wide variety of clients to bring their vision from concept to completion. Spartica: Leaders in Spa and Leisure Facility Design Our clients include day spas and salons, as well as spas with fitness centers and wellness centers that feature rehabilitation therapy and medicine. We have created a unique niche for some of our top clients by incorporating fitness into more traditional day spas and true spas. We believe that as more high-end hotels offer complete wellness centers, spas, and fitness centers, independent leisure facilities will have to develop in this direction, and our consulting teams can help them do that. Spartica consultants are committed to incorporating and fully realizing our clients' themes. Our interior design and planning specialists will bring to life the look, feel, and style that you want. We have all the contacts and resources that you need to find the equipment and fixtures that you require. We can also work with you to make sure that you are able to offer all the amenities that will elevate your services in the eyes of potential clients. When it comes to construction, we will make certain that you have all the materials necessary and that your vendors and contractors are able to bring your spa designs to life. Our floor plans and three-dimensional models are made with state-of the-art tools and are an integral part of many clients' presentations to investors. Spartica is also an industry leader in working with destination clubs--we're constantly expanding worldwide with this growing industry. We recognize the need for innovative spa design and our teams will help you enhance your vision in order to be more competitive. Please do not hesitate to contact Spartica to talk about what our consultants can do for you. All clients receive personal attention from Senior Management as we come to understand your needs and create a team to address them. Please contact Spartica for a complimentary initial consultation.
  • Spa Consultants

    If you are looking for world-class spa consultants, Spartica can fulfill all of your needs from concept to completion. We have advised spas, fitness centers, wellness centers, and other leisure industry businesses around the world. Our consulting teams have members who specialize in design and development, planning and programming, business operations, and real estate advisory. Assemble a Team of Expert Spa Consultants We can assemble a team for you comprised of members who have any or all of these areas of expertise. The founders of Spartica are experienced leaders from the leisure industry with advanced degrees in business and health & leisure, as well as professional experience in marketing, advertising, customer service, and project development. We have the resources at hand to bring in additional consulting members from all over the world, some of whom have advised leisure facilities recognized by the most esteemed leisure associations in the world. Our design teams work directly with vendors and contractors to work on layout and floor plans, materials and fixtures, and all aspects of construction. We can make sure you have realistic three-dimensional models of your facility at every stage, and we offer a warranty whereby all plans are subject to your approval at all stages before your project continues. We also have experts in business plans and projection, financial analysis and strategy, and legal and liability analysis. It is our commitment to be a full service, full life cycle spa consulting firm.
  • Spa Planning

    Spartica consultants can help you and your team design spa plans that will make your business a standout in the highly competitive leisure industry. Every element of your facility from the exterior to the entrance, from the fixtures to the logo contributes to your image and brand identity. Spartica will bring in the team that you need to make sure that every aspect of design will come together and that the communication among your management, subcontractors, and employees is consistent and effective in achieving your vision. Taking Spa Plans from Concept to Completion Spartica will work with you from concept to completion, or we can assign you a consultant or consultants with expertise in a specific stage of design. For example, some of our clients have asked us to work specifically on equipment specification, while others have asked for a focus on layout and floor plans. We also have consultants who specialize in image design and can help you realize your own vision as well as refine it with industry standards in mind. We also consider the human element an essential part of effective spa design. For example, creative entrance and exit strategies require collaboration among your architect, interior designer, and customer service representatives. You also have to select equipment based on your intended services menu. We can help you make sure that you're offering a competitive array of services and designing your facility so that you'll be able to offer your future customers all the luxury they want. In the realm of physical spa plans, Spartica can give you layout and floor plans that include equipment specification, fixture and accessories placement, customer flow and spacing, and sight lines. We have also contracted to build clients realistic three-dimensional renderings that include overhead and ground floor views, customer viewpoints, and room-by-room walkthroughs. We have also provided clients with vendor recommendations, construction documents, specification manuals, and comprehensive information about materials and equipment, as well as fixtures and amenities. Clients all over the world have come to rely on Spartica as a full service, full business life cycle consultation firm. Please contact us for a complimentary initial consultation
  • Spa Management

    Establishing an effective spa management team can require consultation from a firm that can devote time and expertise to your business operations and human resource needs. Spartica is an international consulting and management group specializing in the full life cycle of businesses in the leisure industry. We have assembled spa management teams for highly-rated spas throughout the world. We've also helped spas and wellness centers develop business plans, interior design and layout, venture capital sourcing, and service menus. Spartica Consultants Can Help You Bring Together a Spa Management Team When a client brings us in to develop management practices or a management team, we can do so within the context of your entire vision. Not only do you need to find people with the right training and experience, you need to find a team whose members' strengths balance each other and that can come together to take the initiative to improve and expand your business, even when ownership is not present. Spartica serves directly as a contracted outsourcing option for executive management to bring our business experience and skills to manage day-to-day operational control of spas. Let our expertise guide your vision. A large part of effective management is managing your other human resources effectively. Spartica can help you get set up with the most powerful solutions for employee performance review as well as operational review. You want to make sure that your customer service makes you not only competitive with but superior to that of the other spas attempting to gain the market share that could be yours. Spartica can also help you craft custom management contracts. When you need someone with particular experience and abilities, we can help you write a contract that will gain you that employee's services on anything from a short-term consultation basis to full-time live-in service. Our business experience and skills can enhance the theme, vision, and performance of your spa or wellness center. Feel free to contact Spartica for a complimentary initial consultation.
  • Spa Construction

    Spa construction includes an understanding of the architecture, planning, interior design, equipment and fixtures that are unique to the spa industry. Spartica is an international consulting firm that can bring together the experts you need to turn your vision to reality. This includes everything from real estate advisory to financial planning, from venture capital sourcing to modeling, as well as all aspects of design and construction. From the outset of your project, including location selection and feasibility, our consultants will make sure that you are making the most financially sound decisions possible and creating the niche for your business with the greatest chance of success in your market. We can arrange for complete representation and provide mediation as you deal with the legal issues associated with spa construction. We have helped numerous clients with contract development to make sure that their agreements with contractors, subcontractors and vendors will all serve their businesses well. Spartica Consultants Provide Essential Materials for Spa Construction Spa construction cannot proceed without renderings, blueprints, specification manuals, and construction documents. Spartica consultants are committed to making sure that you have sustainable design with architectural appeal, and making sure that your ability to communicate your design and building needs to your crew will bring your vision to fruition. We use state-of-the-art tools to model your design and create your plans at every stage of your design and construction process. Only accurate layout and floor plans can enable optimal facility planning. The plans we provide you with show customer flow and spacing, fixture and accessory placement, and visual site lines. Additionally, they can indicate equipment specifications and incorporate environment awareness. We can also provide you with realistic three-dimensional renderings that allow for a to-scale room-by-room walkthrough. These renderings can be viewed online from overhead or ground views. Our interior design and planning specialists will also make sure that construction proceeds in such a way that your design and concept will be fully realized. For a complimentary initial consultation, please contact us.
  • Spa Marketing

    Spa marketing requires a sensitivity to the needs of your potential clients and a knowledge of the services and amenities your facilities have to offer. Spartica brings together a team of world-class experts in all facets of spa marketing to work with you in creating an effective image and a powerful message. As an industry-leading consulting firm in all aspects of spa design, development, management and marketing, Spartica offers our clients a high level of knowledge and service that is tailored specifically to their needs. Spartica: Experts in Spa Marketing No business can thrive without a consistent and thorough plan for marketing. Whether your current focus is sourcing venture capital to get the project off the ground, creating an advertising campaign to draw customers to your facility, or any of the steps in between, Spartica can help (while keeping our eye on the big picture, as well). We have experience in market research as well as service and amenity evaluation techniques that will ensure your future clients connect with you and know that you can give them what they require from an upscale leisure facility. We also have consultants who will work with you to create entry and exit strategies that will keep clients engaged. As your business evolves and grows, you may find that a marketing plan that has served your needs for some time is no longer as well-tailored as it once was. Spartica will work with your business throughout the entirety of its life cycle so that you can capitalize on every changing and expanding opportunity that effective marketing gains you. Our clients have come to rely on our skills and professionalism to help them keep pace with their growth and their own clients' needs. Your facility's marketing strategy is what will bring clients to you. No amount of design, attention to detail, or fabulous amenities can do that for you until the public is able to put them in context. Spartica can take your message to the world, and provide you with the best service, support and planning. Our specialists will also make certain that the creation of your market-specific plan happens entirely within the context of your vision, and that your facility is highly competitive in the niche that you have chosen. Please contact Spartica for a complimentary initial consultation.
  • Resort Design

    More and more people are discovering the positive effects of relaxation and refreshment on their minds, bodies and energy levels. This has created an ever-widening demand for resort facilities where short- and long-term vacationers can relax and rejuvenate. Spartica is a renowned international consulting and management group specializing in resort design. We are a full-service firm who will work with you during every phase of planning and design to ensure that we can capture your ideas and plans for your business and make them a reality. Resort Design by Spartica We believe that our clients' input is vital to the success of their resort design, and so we remain in constant contact with our clients throughout the design process. This gives the client utter flexibility: If, at any point in the process, you want to review our progress and submit changes to the ideas or orders that we have, you can do so with no problem. This constant contact allows for a greater flow of ideas and suggestions, and results in a better design--and ultimately, a more successful business. Spartica's resort design consultants are well-suited to turn your ideas into models, blueprints, and plans. We recognize the need for innovation and creativity in our work, and we will work with you to make sure that the newest and best technology is incorporated into your designs. We use state-of-the-art equipment to execute all of our designs, and can provide you with complete floor plans, construction documents, and even three-dimensional renderings of the finished product that include room-by-room walkthroughs. Our interior design consultants will make sure that the decor is harmonious, elegant, and achieves exactly the look and feel that you want. We also work extensively with an exciting new trend in resort development: the creation of destination clubs. Spartica is an industry pioneer in working with destination clubs--we are consistently working to expand and educate our clients about this growing industry. We understand the need for cutting-edge resort design and our teams can make sure that the process of design is as smooth and fulfilling as possible for you. Once we understand the basics of your needs, all clients can expect personal attention from Senior Management as we come to understand your needs and create a team to address them. Please contact Spartica for a complimentary initial consultation.
  • Resort Planning

    From the design and layout of the physical space to the amenities and services you will offer, the planning of your resort will affect how you conduct your business from the moment you open your doors. Spartica is a fast-growing consulting company dedicated to the leisure industry. We work with clients worldwide in all aspects of design, development, planning, and business operations. This gives us a unique perspective on the best ways to execute our clients' ideas, which you can see in resorts around the world. We can work with you to take an ordinary space and turn it into an extraordinary destination. The expertise of Spartica's consulting teams allows us to help you plan the design of your facility, plan out the areas of traffic flow and amenity spacing, and to select the right fixtures and accessories to complement the design. Beyond this, we can help you create an image that will fill a unique niche in the leisure industry and make your facility marketable to the clientele you desire. And since we pride ourselves on being a full lifecycle organization, we will grow with you--implementing plans for expansion or change as your business ebbs and flows and the market or the area around you changes. Spartica: Resort Planning Experts Design is only one facet of planning in which we can assist you. We can help you decide which activities, services, and amenities are right for you to offer. We can help you enter into the market in your area or help you transition from one market segment into another. We can consult in liability and legal planning to ensure both your investors and your business are protected, and we have also aided several clients in finding venture capital. Spartica can also help you find managers who have the training, experience, and perspective to run your business the way you want. We can help write and implement the policies and procedures that will keep your resort running smoothly, and we will work with you to set up comprehensive checks and balances to keep your employees efficient and your clients happy. From writing and overseeing management contracts to outsourcing operations that will make it easier for you to concentrate on the resort itself, Spartica can help to guide you through all of the planning phases and through to the execution. Contact Spartica for a complimentary initial consultation.
  • Resort Development

    Spartica is a full service consulting company in the leisure industry. As industry leaders, we have found that there is a strong trend towards what are called destination clubs. These clubs operate with investors who actually become owners with equity in the resort property. These owners share space in the clubs in a model that is similar to (but a vast improvement over) the old timeshare investment scenario. Each part owner books time for use of the resort space, and can parcel out any unclaimed time to allow for longer stays in addition to his or her usual reservations. Development of these destination clubs and resort properties is a large part of what we do. Spartica works with our clients to decide whether the destination club model is right for them, or if they are better off with a more traditional resort model. After this initial decision has been made, Spartica can work on any or all aspects of developing the client's full-service resort. We can work with you on everything from finding venture capital to getting underway to planning and designing the space. Spartica Is an Industry Leader in Resort Development We pride ourselves on growing and changing with our clients. This means that we work with you throughout the process, incorporating new ideas and changes in plans as you grow. We can be as flexible as you are--and as flexible as your business must be in an evolving competitive market. We are always studying the industry in order to be aware of new niches that can be filled. We'll be there with you as you create new plans to widen your appeal to a larger market, as well as help you focus in on a segment of the market that you want to target more specifically. We'll make sure that you have everything you need to succeed. Because we work in every aspect of the leisure industry, you can be the beneficiary of both our expertise and our contacts with vendors, contractors, and consultants. With a Spartica team working for you, you can be certain that integration between your design team and your facility operators will be seamless. We are proud of our track record in the design and development field, and we can make your dream resort a reality. For a complimentary initial consultation, contact Spartica at your convenience.
  • Resort Architecture

    When designing the look and feel of your resort location, it is imperative that the architecture complement both the decor you want and the environment that surrounds your location. Architecture that is both pleasing to the eye and appropriate to the climate will increase you resort's visual impact and appeal. Spartica is an international leisure industry consulting business, and we can assemble a team to help you with all of your resort architecture questions and take you through the process, from design to construction. The choices you make (Doric columns or Ionian, marble tiles or slate, vaulted ceilings or stucco) will completely change the character of your facility. If you want to inspire your guests and clients to relax and unwind, a pleasant and classical motif may be best, while a more sleek and modern feel may be called for if your aim is to cater to a younger, hipper crowd at a spa plus fitness center. Spartica has experience with a variety of resort clients around the world who offer everything from true spas to wellness centers and salons, so we can assemble a team with experience that is perfectly suited to your intended niche and desired style. Resort Architecture, Spartica Style Your resort's architecture will set the tone for your guests immediately upon their arrival. Our goal is to help you to create a space that meets the demands you will place on it, that provides for the enjoyment of your guests, and that expresses the unique vision that your resort brings to your community. We accomplish this with attention to the details that make each individual piece of the puzzle work in synergy with the others. Spartica's team of architectural consultants provides all of the services necessary to complete your entire project. Our architects, engineers, and planners are all dedicated to the leisure industry. We will work to provide you with a set of services tailored to your specific needs. You can choose the services that are right for your needs, and avoid the loss of time and productivity associated with having to explain your needs to a firm with little or no understanding of the requirements of leisure industry design. All of our design and modeling tools are state-of-the-art, and give your contractors and vendors all the information they need to realize your vision effectively and efficiently. To see what we can do for you, please contact Spartica for a complimentary initial consultation.
  • Resort Consultants

    Spartica is a fast-growing international consulting and management group specializing in design and support for the leisure and resort industry. We offer a variety of services that, employed individually or in concert with one another, can help with any portion of a resort's life cycle. We have worked with a diverse assortment of clients, and can assemble a team with the experience to bring your ideas to life. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and diversity, and Spartica's clients can always expect to receive the best service available in the industry. Whether you are creating a new resort, upgrading or expanding an existing property, or adding a new leisure facility or spa to your resort, Spartica can help. We can see your project through from the design phase to advertising and marketing, and even help an existing company with the problems inherent in growth, such as budget control and outsourcing of management. Expect the Best from Spartica's Resort Consultants In the early stages, Spartica can provide design assistance at every level. We can help plan out the physical spaces your facility will use, the best methods to control traffic flow, and help you make decisions about facility management. We can package all of this into a three-dimensional virtual walkthrough of each room in order to provide you with an comprehensive way of visualizing your resort before a single brick is laid. We have also found these presentations to be invaluable as you work towards finding venture capital, as investors are always more impressed with a design they can see in action. When construction is complete, or if your project involves improvements on an existing facility, Spartica can provide an entire range of services. These range from the planning and design of new or updated amenities and services to business guidance in the form of human resources and customer service support and training. We frequently bring in additional experts from all over the world in order to tailor a team to a specific project, and are always delighted to delve into new aspects of the field to serve our clients better. The first step in any project is a first contact in which we assess your needs and discuss how we can help to fill them. Please contact Spartica for a complimentary initial consultation.
  • Leisure Consultants

    Spartica is a full-service consulting firm specializing in the design of spas and leisure facilities and management support for the leisure industry. We provide services to a wide ranging client base at every stage in a facility's lifecycle. We have assisted in every phase of spa and resort planning--from design and capital acquisition to management training and developing personnel services. We have assembled some of the best experts in the field for international projects, and are always able to create a team that incorporates these experts as well as outside contractors to give our clients the services they need. The growing diversity within the leisure industry means that there are a variety of different approaches to winning over the market you intend to enter. A thorough understanding of the niches available and a nuanced grasp of what is possible can be a key difference in making sure that your vision is achieved and that you take full advantage of the possibilities in your market. This is where Spartica's experts are at their best. Because we work exclusively in the leisure industry, we are uniquely qualified to understand your needs and deliver new and innovative ways of meeting the challenges of your market. Spartica's Leisure Consultants Know the Industry As more and more people begin to discover the mental and physical benefits of leisure activity, the opportunities for leisure service facilities have expanded rapidly. This has led to the increased viability of a variety of related but distinct niches within the leisure market. A salon environment typically incorporates massage, facials, hair, and nail services. A true spa environment, on the other hand, includes a wet area for services like hydro therapy, steam saunas, and cold plunge. There are, of course, variations on the "true spa" theme. For instance, medical spas incorporate therapeutic treatments and cosmetic beauty procedures like Botox injection. Typically, spas do not incorporate fitness into their plans of service or amenities. Those that do are often billed as wellness centers, and concentrate on a different market segment than true spas. We at Spartica believe that this is a niche that is ripe for many of our clients to fill, and we have many ideas that could help a like-minded client do so. Such collaboration is exactly what we hope to achieve with every client--it allows us to work together to create some of the best in leisure activity facilities. For a complimentary initial consultation, contact us at your convenience.